Life is a busy, non-stop race. Managing all the things on a daily basis leaves us all feeling exhausted. Do you ever wonder if there is something more?

After years of hustle, I found myself asking God some hard questions as I tried to understand my life.

During this time I journeyed through mapping my life story with a unique visual tool called Listen to My Life.

Through mapping the story of my life, I...

  • Was able to see God at work in my life and understand myself better. 
  • Found answers to the questions I was asking. 
  • Made connections that helped me respond to God in new ways.
  • Let go of the things that held me back from being all that He created me to be.

In turn, I am better able to give to others around me.

I will listen, encourage, and help you prayerfully think through what is weighing on your mind. I will give you tools for mapping your life, discovering your gifts and strengths, and uncovering your purposes. This is what real life coaching is all about.

You will...

  • Discover things about your life, seeing and recognizing God in new ways.
  • See more clearly the desires God has placed on your heart.
  • Gain a better understanding of who you truly are.
  • Become more aware of your part in God’s larger story, how God has placed you.
  • Be better able to become the person God has created you to be.

Are you ready to live the life God created you to live?

Let’s Go!
A zero-commitment inquiry call is a great way to get your questions answered.

How Individual Coaching Works

Your life is already full, but I can make this easy for you. Coaching is done over the phone and can take place from the comfort of your home, office, or even on the road.

I schedule my coaching sessions weekly during the first three weeks of the month. We take the fourth week off so that you have extra time to work on your goals, reflect, and process after your sessions.

This pace gives you room to grow, and our 45-minute calls can fit into your tight schedule.

Consider the difference it would make to spend time on a regular basis exploring God’s unique plan for you!

Coaching Packages

Listen to My Life
Individual Coaching
  • Experience 8 life maps 
  • Gain clarity for decision making 
  • Move forward into God’s purposes 
  • 50-minute one-on-one phone sessions (2 per month)
Next Steps
Individual Coaching
  • Make progress toward your goals 
  • Turn your purpose into action
  • Determine your next steps
  • Tap into your gifts and strengths
  • 50 minute one-on-one sessions (2 per month)
Listen to My Life
  • Experience visual mapping in community
  • Small group video calls 
  • Sharing and listening sessions
  • Friendship and connection
  • Creative outlet
  • Affordable group rates 
  • Click to see UPCOMING WORKSHOPS!

Are you ready?

Let's Get Started!

Not ready? Click here to get a free inquiry. I would love to answer your questions.

What you get:

RECOGNIZE and RESPOND to God in your story
CLARIFY your desires
DISCERN your choices for tomorrow
UNDERSTAND yourself and your part on God’s larger story
DECIDE what you might do to live a life that is a more full expression of who God created you to be
Download The Next Step Thinking Map

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