Life is hectic.

We busy ourselves doing all the things. Our aspirations get lost in the rush of the day-to-day. We become disconnected from who we are, forgetting who God created us to be.

That was the story of my life until God took me through a difficult experience that forced me to stop, listen, and connect with Him through my life story.

God created us for connection

We fully live life only when we are fully connected — with God, ourselves, and others. 

I offer online workshops using a unique visual tool called Listen to My Life, Maps for Recognizing and Responding to God in My Story. My workshops will allow you to rest, reflect, and take a fresh look at the story God has written into the pages of your life. 

Through creative experiences and sharing with others, inviting the Holy Spirit into our conversation, you will be able to make connections and see how your life story is God-designed to help you live with purpose.

My life mapping workshop will help you

  • See more clearly the desires God has placed on your heart.
  • Better understand who you truly are.
  • Become a fuller expression of the person God has created you to be.

Let me lead you through an experience that can help you become freer to

Live the life God created you to live!

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Listen to My Life Intro Night!
FREE Virtual Open House - 7 pm CT
Monday, October 5-
Cost: FREE!!

Your story matters! You are a very important part of God’s larger story. Join me at my FREE Intro Night to find out more about Listen to My Life and experience a mini-version of my visual mapping workshops. Take your first steps toward a life that is larger than the one you’ve been living! I hope you’ll join me! Email me for the link to this event by clicking on the yellow button below!

Listen to My Life Workshop (BETA)
8 Small Group Video Sessions - Noon or 7pm CT
Mondays, October 19-December 7
Cost: (BETA = 1/2 PRICE! Normally $160) $80 workshop fee + Listen to My Life Map Portfolio ($39+shipping)

Your story is a part of God’s larger story, and He has a beautiful plan for your life! Journey through 7 visual maps and reflect on your life, understand your story, and discover more of who you are. You’ll recognize God and respond to Him in new ways. Walk away better able to envision of the life God wants to live through you! Find out more about this workshop by emailing me through the yellow button below!

Life Giving Rhythms Workshop
3 Small Group Video Sessions - 7 pm CT
Tuesdays, November 3-November 17
Cost: $60 workshop fee + the Life Giving Rhythms Map ($7 + shipping)

During the holidays, it’s easy to loose sight of what matters most. Journey through this workshop and then apply what you learn to your daily life. You’ll be more in touch with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as you choose spiritual practices that will help you stay attuned and responsive to God. The Life Giving Rhythms Map will help you think through how you might rearrange your life to keep company with Jesus this holiday season.  Find out more about this workshop by emailing me through the yellow button below!

Purpose-Filled Life Workshop
4 Small Group Video Sessions - 7pm CT
Thursdays, October 22-November 12
$80 workshop fee + the cost of your life maps ($15 + shipping)

God wants to express something of His own character in you for the benefit of the world around you! This workshop will help you gain an understanding of who you were made to become and the work that you are designed to do as you uncover clues to your unique design. This clarity will help guide your future choices so you live a purposeful-filled life for the benefit of others!  Find out more about this workshop by emailing me through the yellow button below!

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