You try so hard in your relationships. 

(Maybe even too hard.) You’re used to sacrificing for others because it feels like the right thing to do. 

And besides, it’s just so stinkin’ hard to say “no.” 

Which means that you feel drained and depleted — especially this time of year.

But you don’t complain, because a Christian woman simply shouldn’t be a whiner.

So you keep on keeping on. 

You put others first. You say “yes” to all the requests. And you pay extra-close attention to what others feel and think.

All. The. Time.

But what if you don’t have to try so hard?

Just imagine…

 ✔︎ No longer replaying every single interaction over and over in your mind, thinking of what you should (or shouldn’t) have said.

✔︎ Saying “no” with confidence, knowing that you have given the best answer for everyone involved — including yourself. 

✔︎ Not feeling resentful when you serve others because you have enough bandwidth to do the giving and still have a life of your own. 

✔︎ Catching yourself as you start to worry about what others think — and stopping. 

✔︎ Never again “faking fine.”

Leslie has helped me understand where my emotional overwhelm actually comes from. And she’s given me super-practical tools for living with more calm, confidence, and candor — especially in my closest relationships.


Introducing the

“how to stop feeling so overwhelmed this holiday season


 During this 60-minute online workshop, you’ll:

 Become emotionally stronger by learning what’s causing you to feel so drained and depleted during the most wonderful time of the year. 

Take the first step to stop your overwhelming thoughts and uncomfortable emotions from sapping all your mental energy.

Receive two practical tools to help you exchange overwhelm for greater peace this holiday season.

Discover a surprising Biblical picture of the kind of inner life that is truly possible for you. 


When I hear Leslie share, I know I’m not alone in the struggle. She normalizes that I’m not crazy. She has a very easy, approachable style and weaves Biblical principals in with holding your boundaries. She helps me know that even though boundary-setting is hard, it’s the healthiest thing to do.


Meet Your Coach: Leslie Newman

For so long, my life looked “just fine” on the outside. No one ever suspected how I felt on the inside. (I made sure of that!)

 As a tender-hearted Christian woman, I gave. And gave. And gave. 

I felt constantly depleted. There was so much to do — and not enough time to do it — especially during the holidays. 

At a time when I most wanted to experience peace, I found myself overwhelmed by my own thoughts and emotions — and by the emotions of others, too. 

I didn’t understand what was causing all this overwhelm in my life, but I lived with it — accepting it as normal and hiding how bad I felt inside.  

I know, from personal experience, how hard it can be to break free from life-long patterns. I also know that life on the other side is so much more rewarding and peaceful.

Now, there’s so much more room for whats really important during the holiday season.  


Leslie’s teaching was like a breath of fresh air to me! I was so encouraged to find ways to help me de-stress and take a step back from the pressures of life. Her message was clear and easy to implement into my own daily life.


What Do You Get at the

“How to Stop Feeling So Overwhelmed This Holiday Season” 


The workshop includes:

    • Access to the live workshop
    • A link to the replay
    • The “Holiday Overwhelm Self-Quiz”
    • The exCHANGE  — a simple process with easy to use tools to help you trade overwhelm for more peace this holiday season

When is the workshop?

Tuesday, October 25th, 2022

10am Pacific / 11am Mountain / 12pm Central / 1pm Eastern

What’s the investment? 

ONLY $27! 


When I attend Leslie’s workshops I know I am in a safe place where no one is going to try to “fix me”. She gives me a space to think about the concepts and how they apply to me. I leave feeling encouraged and grateful for skills to apply.

Mary Lou

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my $27 investment include?

  1. You can attend the workshop live. A link will be sent to you a day before the workshop and also 30 minutes ahead of the workshop. 
  2. You’ll get a replay link to the teaching portion of the workshop. (Any discussion  time will not be recorded.)
  3. You’ll receive the “Holiday Overwhelm Self-Quiz”
  4. You’ll receive two simple tools (one of which will be customized to you) to help you exchange overwhelm for more peace this holiday season. 

Where will the workshop happen?

This workshop will happen via Zoom. A private link will be sent to you by email  the day before the workshop and also 30 minutes before it begins.

What if I can't attend live? Will there be a replay?

Yes. You will receive a replay link by email shortly after the workshop is over. Note: Only Leslie’s teaching portion will be included in the replay video. Any conversation that happens at the end of the live workshop will not be recorded. The only person who will show up on the replay video is Leslie. So don’t worry! Your voice and your picture won’t appear on the replay. 


If I attend the live workshop, will I have to talk?

You’re welcome to participate in any way that is comfortable for you. The teaching portion will last approximately 45 minutes. We’ll have 10-15 minutes for questions and conversation after that. You’re welcome to listen only, or come off mute and join the discussion. You may have your camera on or off. Come as you are and participate the way that’s most comfortable for you.

How long is the workshop?

One hour. There will be 45 minutes of teaching, and 10-15 minutes at the end for questions and conversation.

You really don’t have to try so hard.

Come find out why.

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