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Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads in life wondering if there’s something more?  Are you longing for a change, and yet are unsure of what that might be?

You are not alone — I’ve been there too, exhausted from the pressures of life, and shying away from the hard questions.

God is with you in the crossroads, and He is telling a beautiful story — the story of your life.

You are part of God’s narrative, and He has a purpose for you!

Together, we will look intently into your life and build a map of your story. You will better understand yourself, see your part in God’s larger story, and more fully become who God created you to be. Even just an hour each week will help you hear God and respond to Him so that you can move forward with confidence! I’d love to partner with you on this great adventure!

Ready to live the life you were created to live?

I am so ready!

Leslie’s love and warmth always shines through in everything she does. Her ability to listen is enhanced by her keen knowledge of human nature, and she poses questions that will enable you to think and search for the answers God wants you to find in your life. With her valuable coaching and guidance, I have been able to begin the empty nest phase of life with a new direction and a sense of hope and purpose.


Leslie is a gifted listener. She has amazing insight with Spirit assisted ways to grow you. My one on one time with this gentle spirit was a God send for me.


Leslie is a caring, compassionate, and very effective coach. She helped me identify roadblocks I was setting up for myself as well as construct effective ways to deal with them. I have loved my journey with My Life Maps as I can more clearly see how God has used my experiences in life to weave a beautiful tapestry. I highly recommend Leslie as your coach through this journey.

Beth Ann

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