Better Boundaries for the Tender♡Hearted Woman

Life can feel like a busy, non-stop race. Managing all the things on a daily basis leaves us all feeling exhausted.

You are so busy doing for others and you find yourself wondering:

Who am I anymore?

What if you could…

Say “no” without the guilt  

 Stop worrying about what others think 

 Reclaim your time and energy



Create a life that is not overwhelming

What if you never again thought to yourself, 

I don’t even know who I am anymore.

Just like you, I found myself wondering these things as I tried to understand my life and my relationships.

I eventually realized this was not something I could figure out on my own. It took prayer, focus, determination, and time talking things out with the right people. Through deepening my connection with Jesus, and with the support of others who listened and understood, I eventually came to a better place.

In turn, I am better able to connect with others in healthy ways and confidently serve God in the purposes He created me for. 

As your life coach, I’ll listen, encourage, and help you prayerfully think through what is weighing on your mind. I’ll help you set healthy boundaries that will improve the dynamics in your relationships and free up space for life-giving transformation. I’ll give you tools for mapping your life, discovering your gifts and strengths, and uncovering your purposes

You will…

Make discoveries about your life, recognizing God in new ways.

√ Draw your strength from what God thinks, and stop dwelling on the response of others.

√ Avoid “Overcommitment Regret.”

√ Learn to create healthy boundaries that will help you say yes to what is yours and no to what is not.

√ Gain a better understanding of who you are. (Spoiler alert! Finding yourself again is freeing!)

√ Become the person God has created you to be.

Are you ready to see how better boundaries can give you a better life?

Leslie’s love and warmth always shines through in everything she does. Her ability to listen is enhanced by her keen knowledge of human nature, and she poses questions that will enable you to think and search for the answers God wants you to find in your life.


Leslie is a caring, compassionate, and very effective coach. She helped me identify roadblocks I was setting up for myself as well as construct effective ways to help me deal with them. 



Beth Ann

Leslie is a gifted listener. She has amazing insight with Spirit assisted ways to grow you. My one on one time with this gentle spirit was a God send for me.


Leslie has an internal sense which allows her to help me navigate to the truth. Her calm and healthy manner causes me to settle and trust. The insights and directions I achieve are life giving.




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